Why use Elimax®?


Does not contain silicones

Elimax® is silicone-free. Silicones are extremely difficult to wash out, which can leave your hair dull and greasy. Silicone is also non-biodegradable.



Bij Elimax® is user-friendly. Our treatment products kill head lice and nits and protect against reinfestation. Our shampoo treats and washes your hair in a single step.

Elimax® products

Pure power new trans nl

Elimax® Pure Power non-greasy lotion

A unique and powerful non-greasy lotion for head lice and nits. The patented water-based formula was developed for maximum effect against head lice, but to be gentle on sensitive skin.

  • Kills and protects
  • Pesticide- and silicone-free
  • Gentle on sensitive skin
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Elimax preventieve shampoo

Elimax® Preventive Shampoo

A preventive shampoo for head lice, specially developed to protect against lice during outbreaks (in schools, summer camps, etc.).

  • Keeps lice at bay
  • Guarantees gentle cleansing
  • Hydrates and nourishes the hair
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Elimax omgevingsspray square tiny

Elimax® Environment Spray

Elimax® Environment Spray kills lice on all surfaces, from child’s seats and sofas to scarves and hairbrushes. The easy way to prevent reinfestation!

  • Effective immediately
  • No staining
  • Plant based
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Shampoo elimax benl packs crop

2-in-1 Shampoo

A unique combination of user-friendliness with total effectiveness. The shampoo treats and washes your hair in a single step. Cures and prevents mild infestations.

  • Kills and protects
  • Pesticide- and silicone-free
  • Free detection comb
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Elimax shampoo benl pack produit small orange

2-in-1 Lotion

An extremely effective lotion containing 100% oligodescene oil and LPF®, Lice Protection Factor. Ideal for severe infestations.

  • Kills and protects
  • Pesticide- and silicone-free
  • Free detection comb
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Pack elimax post lice belgiqueok 2018

Posttreatment Shampoo

A gentle shampoo to put an end to itchy or irritated skin, persistent nits and greasy hair after lice are eliminated.

  • Relieves itching and irritation
  • Makes nits easier to comb out
  • Pesticide- and silicone-free
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What are head lice?

The human head louse is a blood-sucking insect which leaves tiny bite holes in the scalp. These holes become itchy. Head lice don’t jump and they can’t fly: they can only crawl. They migrate by head-to-head contact and are sometimes propelled by static electricity. For more on the world of the louse, read on…


What do they look like?



  • 2-4 mm
  • Sandy to dark grey in colour
  • Dark red after feeding
  • 6 legs with hooked feet



  • <1 mm
  • White or yellow in colour
  • Like a flake of dandruff, only firmly attached
  • Empty cases stay attached after the eggs hatch

Life cycle of the louse

Nit Females lay up to 8 nits a day over a period of 10 days or more.
Nymph The nit becomes a juvenile (nymph) after 7 to 8 days. In another 7 to 10 days the nymph matures and is capable of laying nits.
Mature louse Feeds on human blood and can survive without food or warmth for 8 to 24 hours.
Life expectancy Lice live for about 33 to 35 days.

Favourite spots

Lice are most comfortable on the darkest parts of the scalp. They like it best behind the ears, where it is warm and moist. And they like to stay close to the scalp. So put the clippers away, there’s no point cutting your hair off!

Lice can spread to anyone. They migrate by hair-to-hair contact, so children are most at risk. Having head lice has nothing to do with personal hygiene.

Where are they found?



Sports Club