What makes Elimax® Preventive Shampoo unique.


Clinically proven to keep lice at bay


Contains no silicones or pesticides


Gently washes, hydrates and nourishes the hair

How to use Elimax® Preventive Shampoo?

The Preventive Shampoo offers effective protection against head lice and can be used to prevent reinfestation after an earlier head lice treatment.

Step 1

Apply the shampoo to wet hair, like an ordinary shampoo, and massage into the hair and scalp.

Step 2

Rinse thoroughly.

Step 3

For optimal protection we recommend that Elimax® Preventive Shampoo be used once every three days.

Elimax® user reviews

“After an outbreak at school there was always a period of tense anticipation, but now we stay ahead of the curve with Elimax® Preventive Shampoo.”
Lyne (27) Designer
“What an easy product to use. Just like normal shampoo, actually.”
Mounia (39) Help desk operator
“Elimax® Preventive Shampoo keeps the lice away and conditions the hair at the same time!”
Tina (29) Insurance agent
“It doesn't contain silicones or other harmful products, which is good.”
Steven (51) Security Officer


Scientific basis

Are you a pharmacist or scientific worker and are you interested in the research behind Elimax®?

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Combine Elimax® Preventive Shampoo
with our other products

The Preventive Shampoo prevents infestations. But to get rid of infestations or to kill the lice on your soft furnishings and textiles there are other products in our range which you can turn to.

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Elimax® Lotion

An extremely effective lotion containing 100% oligodescene oil and LPF®, Lice Protection Factor. Ideal for severe infestations.

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Elimax® Environment Spray

Elimax® Environment Spray offers rapid treatment of all surfaces such as hats, child's seats, scarves and cuddly toys. The spray is effective immediately.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have any other questions about Elimax® or head lice? Our Frequently Asked Questions may have the answer.

What if I find more lice after treatment?
You won't want to find newly hatched lice or more nits after treatment with Elimax®. But if you do, don't panic. These little creatures are just as easy to get rid of.
How can you tell if your child has head lice?
Are you worried that your child may have head lice? Don't despair. It can happen to anyone, and these little creatures are easy to deal with.
How can I prevent head lice and nits?
Lice and nits are annoying critters. You therefore want to prevent, at all costs, that you or your children get lice. Read more.
Do head lice always lay their nits in your hair?
Lice begin their lives as eggs, which are also known as nits. Do you always find them in the hair, or somewhere else?

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