What makes Elimax® Pure Power unique.


Kills and protects

The unique, patented formula kills lice by asphyxiation and dehydration. The powerful solution also contains LPF® or Lice Protection Factor, which protects against reinfestation for up to three days.


Does not contain silicones

Silicones are extremely difficult to wash out, which can leave your hair dull and greasy. Silicone is also non-biodegradable. Lice develop resistance to pesticides and, in any case, pesticides may be harmful to human health!


Gentle on sensitive skin

Elimax® Pure Power is a pure, non-greasy water-based lotion. It has been dermatologically tested and is suitable for even the most sensitive skin.

How to use Elimax® Pure Power?

Elimax ® Pure Power consists of two liquids, which are mixed by activating the bottle prior to initial application. Activate as follows:

Stap 1

1. Press the cap forward

Hold the bottle firmly and place your thumb over the number 1 on the cap. Press the cap forward into the diagonal position and allow the active ingredient to flow to the bottle.

Stap 2

2. Shake the bottle

Elimax ® Pure Power is now ready to use. Open the bottle by snapping the top from the cap. Tip: keep the top and use it to reseal the bottle after treatment.

Stap 3

3. Ready to use!

Elimax ® Pure Power non-greasy lotion is now ready to use. Open the bottle by snapping the top from the cap. Tip: keep the top and use it to reseal the bottle after treatment.

4. Apply the lotion

Keep a towel around the neck and shoulders during treatment.

Apply the lotion copiously to dry hair. Cover the head and hair fully. Work the product in into the hair, paying particular attention to the area behind the ears and the nape of the neck.

Leave the lotion to take effect for 10 to 15 minutes (and no longer) while combing the hair with the detection comb. Brush out knots with an ordinary comb or hairbrush first if necessary.

How to use the detection comb? Divide the hair into 4 sections. Comb through each section of hair – lock by lock – with the detection comb. Begin as close to the scalp as possible and comb downwards. Remove every louse and nit you find. Set every combed lock of hair to the side. Wipe the lice and nits from the comb with cotton wool.

5. Wash the hair

After combing with the detection comb while the lotion takes effect, wash the hair with an ordinary shampoo. Wash and rinse thoroughly.

Check the hair daily over the next 7 days. Repeat the treatment if more lice are found in this period.

In most cases a single treatment does the job.

Elimax® user reviews

“Elimax® Pure Power is extremely user-friendly and makes it a lot easier to comb through the hair.”
Margaux (37) HR-Officer
“My daughters come home regularly with head lice, but with Elimax® Pure Power the infestations are soon dealt with.”
Carina (41) Nurse
“It works well. You don't get greasy hair with the product, and it doesn't irritate the scalp.”
Bart (32) Photographer
“Pure Power is a pretty fast treatment, so it goes down well with the kids!”
Guillaume (36) Help desk operator


Scientific basis

Are you a pharmacist or scientific worker and are you interested in the research behind Elimax®?

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Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have any other questions about Elimax® or head lice? Our Frequently Asked Questions may have the answer.

What if I find more lice after treatment?
You won't want to find newly hatched lice or more nits after treatment with Elimax®. But if you do, don't panic. These little creatures are just as easy to get rid of.
How can you tell if your child has head lice?
Are you worried that your child may have head lice? Don't despair. It can happen to anyone, and these little creatures are easy to deal with.
Do head lice always lay their nits in your hair?
Lice begin their lives as eggs, which are also known as nits. Do you always find them in the hair, or somewhere else?
How can I prevent head lice and nits?
Lice and nits are annoying critters. You therefore want to prevent, at all costs, that you or your children get lice. Read more.

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